1.5 Organisation of the Report

  • 1.5.1 The Report has been divided into two volumes. Volume I comprises three chapters, while Volume II has eleven chapters. All the chapters have been continuously numbered for easy identification. Annexes pertaining to the different chapters have been accommodated in the concerned volume for quick reference.
  • 1.5.2 Chapter 1 in Volume I, is introductory in nature, giving in brief, the circumstances leading to the formation of the Commission, its composition, the terms of reference of the Commission and the programme followed in its task. In Chapter 2, the approach followed by the Commission while dealing with the different issues has been discussed, besides, giving an overview of the entire Report highlighting important recommendations made by the Commission. All the recommendations made by the Commission have been furnished as the third chapter. Chapters 4 to 14 in Volume II deal with the different sectors of the economy, discussing in a detailed manner the current status, deficiencies and remedial measures for each of these.
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