1.6 Acknowledgements

  • 1.6.1 The Commission takes this opportunity to express its thanks to the ministries, departments, Organizations of the Central and State Governments, quasi-Governmental and non-Governmental Organizations as well as individual experts who have contributed immensely and helped the Commission in formulating their views. It further thanks all the co-opted members for their suggestions during the discussions in the Sub-group meetings. The Commission wishes to place on record its thanks to all the special invitees who attended the meetings of the Sub-groups as well as the Commission for their contributions during the discussion. The Commission acknowledges the contributions by the participants of the Eleventh Conference of the Central and State Statistical Organizations based on which recommendations on several technical issues could be formulated. It would also like to place it on record its thanks to all those Chief Secretaries, Principal Secretaries, Secretaries and other senior officers who participated in the meeting of the Chief Secretaries and suggested measures for improving Administrative Statistical System.
  • 1.6.2 The Commission is indebted to all those experts, senior officers from Central and State Governments and retired officers who contributed their valuable views and comments on the Interim Report. The Commission received important inputs from a number of Committees and Expert Groups appointed by it, for which it records its thanks to the members of such Groups and Committees. It places on record its appreciation to the cooperation rendered by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation. In this connection, it specially expresses its thanks to Dr. Arun Shourie, the Minister of State and Shri K.V. Irniraya, Secretary of the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation. The Commission also likes to thank Dr. N.S. Sastry, Director General and Chief Executive Officer, National Survey Sample Organization, for his participation in the meetings of the Commission and his contribution on the different subject areas. Several Government as well as private Organizations responded whenever contacted for some information or views, for which the Commission places on record its thanks. Mrs. Meera Juneja did the painstaking job of editing both the volumes of the Report for which the Commission is thankful to her. The Commission further wishes to put on record its sincere thanks to Shri Bh.U.V. Seshagiri Rao, Personal Assistant to the Governor of Andhra Pradesh, for providing excellent secretarial support to the Chairman of the Commission.
  • 1.6.3 The Commission also records its appreciation of the commendable services rendered by the Secretariat. Dr. Vaskar Saha, Secretary to the Commission was tireless in his efforts in assembling the necessary materials and subjecting them to close scrutiny. His academic credentials combined with his long experience in the various segments of the statistical system enabled him to provide the critical inputs needed by the Commission to reach the conclusions. The Commission expresses its appreciation of the dedicated work put in by all the members of the Secretariat whose assistance was a source of great support to the Commission.
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