2.6 Infrastructure Statistics

  • 2.6.1 In developing a proper statistical database for the Infrastructure Sector, a major hurdle is the absence of a clear definition of “infrastructure”. The Commission has defined the term by identifying certain characteristics. The Commission has also observed large data gaps in the Infrastructure Sector and recommended measures to bridge such gaps. In order to improve the accessibility of such data for policy makers and other data users, the Commission has recommended that the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation should publish data on all infrastructure activities in a single document.
  • 2.6.2 Road transport is one of the important activities of the Infrastructure sector. But the database for this sub-sector is quite weak. Thus a proper data collection mechanism should be evolved to strengthen the database. Power is another vital sub-sector where the statistics need improvement. The Commission has recommended that the State Governments should be asked to collect data pertaining to the finances of the State Electricity Boards. Further, the electricity authorities at the State and Union Territory level should publish the data for the electricity-generating units, including those in the private sector, under their respective jurisdictions.
  • 2.6.3 Quantification of the infrastructural activities in the form of an index would help policy makers and researchers. The Commission has therefore recommended the construction of two types of indices in this regard. While the first one, called “Infrastructure Index”, will provide a summary measure of the growth of infrastructure, the second one, namely, “Infrastructure Utilisation Index”, will indicate the extent of utilisation of identified infrastructure facilities.
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