5 Annexes

Sr. No. Name
5.1Salient Features of Sampling Designs of ASI 1973-74 to ASI 1998-99
5.2Number of Factories in the Frame, Number allotted for Survey and Number Actually Surveyed During ASI 1993-94 to 1998-99
5.3Items of Information under the coverage of ASI, 1999-2000
5.4Annual Survey of Industries – Release of Results
5.5Number of Manufacturing and Repairing Units as per ASI 1994-95, NSS 51st Round and Fourth Economic Census(EC 1998)
5.6Ratio of Estimated Number of non-included Units (Manufacturing and Repairing only) to the Estimated Number of Working Units in ASI and the Corresponding Ratios for Selected Variables During 1994-95
5.7Description of 2- Digit Codes of NIC 1987 Under the Coverage of ASI
5.8Relative Standard Errors of State, Union Territory and All-India Level Estimates of Input, Output and Gross Value Added for All Industry Groups Combined
5.9Industries with Different Levels of Relative Standard Errors (RSEs) of Estimated Input, Output and Gross Value Added (GVA) at All-India Level
5.10Number of Units in the Frame and Sample Size for 2-Digit Industries with Relative Standard Error (RSE) of All-India Estimate either of Input, Output or Gross Value Added (GVA) Exceeding 5 Per cent
5.11Distribution of 3 and 4-Digit Industry Codes by Value of Relative Standard Error (RSE) of Estimated Input, Output and Gross Value Added (GVA) at All-India Level
5.12Industries with Relative Standard Errors (RSE) of Estimated State and Union Territory Level Output and Gross Value Added (GVA) Exceeding 10 Per cent
5.13Estimated Gross Value Added Divergence between Summary/Provisional and Detailed/Final Results
5.14Number of Units using Computers for Accounting Purposes for Different 2-Digit Industry Codes (NIC 1987)
5.15Number of Enterprises Engaged in Unregistered Manufacturing Activities According to Economic Census (EC) 1990 and 1989-99 Follow-up Enterprise Survey (FuS) in the Major States
5.16Numbers of Workers Engaged in Manufacturing Activities
5.17Key Results Pertaining to Unregistered Manufacturing Enterprises as per NSS 51st Round (1994-95), Special Enterprise Survey (1998-99) and NSS 55th Round (1999-2000)
5.18Small Scale Sector – Definitions
5.19Index of Industrial Production Base Year, Number of Items, Number of 2-Digit Industry Groups, Month of Release and Period of Compilation
5.20Main Recommendations of TAC on All-India IIP
5.21Source-wise Number of Items in the Basket of IIP
5.22Source-wise Response Rates in terms of Number of Units and Production at Quick and Final Releases of IIP during January to March, 2000
5.23Distribution of Number of Items by Percentage of Variation in Quick and Final Estimates of Production for IIP During January to March, 2000
5.24Month-wise production data from DIPP Showing Repetitions
5.25Production Reported as NIL Unusual (Extreme) Production
5.26Statement Showing the items having a few total number of units
5.27Main Recommendations of TAC on Comparable State IIPs
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