6.4 Generation of Data on Export by State of Origin

  • 6.4.1 The issue of exports by State of Origin has received attention from time to time and at present greater significance has been attached to it especially in the light of WTO data requirements. Till today, no official statistics of the country’s exports according to the State of Origin are available and this is a major gap in the DGCI&S data on Foreign Trade. The transition to a liberalised World Trade and in order to derive benefits from the expanding overseas market, the Centre and States need greater mutual cooperation with each other in the national endeavour for improving the export performance of the country. The need for greater encouragement to the States based on their shares in the total export performance has been long felt. In order to develop a suitable mechanism for assisting the States in proportion to their contribution to the national exports, the generation of data on exports by State of Origin is of great significance.
  • 6.4.2 For capturing the data on exports by State of Origin, one additional field of information indicating the State of Origin is needed in the DTRs. So far, this information is available only in case of EDI-based computerised DTRs. The basis of this information is the declarations of the exporters. Though this information on the State of Origin can be made available by the exporter, such information needs to be checked as it could be mixed up with the place where the goods were procured but not produced. This information is to be particularly checked for non-manufacturer exporter. The manufacturer exporter will, however, be in a position to furnish this information with a fair degree of accuracy. Thus if the information is collected from both manufacturer and non-manufacturer exporter without making a proper distinction between these two, the information so collected might mix up the place of procurement with the production of goods. There is a need to, (a) analyse the information filled by the exporters in the computerised DTRs, and (b) conduct pilot surveys to assess whether the exporters are aware of the State of Origin of the goods or can give information only on the State of Procurement.
  • Recommendations
  • 6.4.3The Commission recommends that:
    • Pilot surveys based on the addresses of exporters as available in EDI and non-EDI data should be conducted to know whether exporters are aware of the actual origin of the goods or can give information only on the place or State of Procurement.
    • If found feasible, appropriate modification in the Shipping Bills should be made to collect the information relating to place of procurement and State of Origin.
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