Annual Survey Of Industries


The Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) is an important survey of the CSO,MOS&PI and NSSO(FOD) conducts its field work every year.


It is a statutory survey  conducted every year, under the provisions of the Collection of Statistics Act, 1953 and rules framed there under in 1959 [in short COS Act].  In respect  of  the State of  Jammu & Kashmir, the survey is conducted under the provisions of J&K Collection of Statistics Act, 1961 (XXIII of 1961) and J&K Collection of Statistics Rules 1964.


The Deputy Director General, NSSO (FOD), New Delhi has been appointed as the Statistics Authority (SA) under Section 4 of the Act vide Govt. of India, Ministry of Statistics & PI Notification No: SO 923(E)   dated 12th August 2004. The powers and functions of the SA are given in the COS Act. The SA is empowered by the act to collect and authorize officials to collect information from any industrial and commercial concern. The ASI provides data on various vital aspects of the registered manufacturing sector for use in the estimation of national income, studies of industrial structure and policy formulation. It generates data on input, output, employment, wage bill, capital formation etc., on an annual basis.




The coverage of ASI is finalized during May-June with reference to the previous accounting year. The primary source for preparation of frame (list of units) is the Chief Inspector of Factories (CIF) and the Labour Commissioner in each State/ UT. Availability of a reliable frame has critical implications on the efficiency of sampling design. FOD has been updating the frame, by including new units which have come up & removing units that have gone out of existence, based on the inputs received from the concerned CIF and the Labour Commissioner. Non existing or non- operational units are not considered for coverage in ASI.


The Frame for ASI has undergone considerable changes from time to time, taking into account the overall development of industrial sector. The Technical Group on Revision of Frame of ASI under the Chairmanship of Prof. Arijit Chaudhuri, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata  recommended a revised ASI Frame. Standing Committee on Industrial Statistics (SCIS) in its 13th meeting accepted the recommendations of the Technical Group and  the revised  Frame for 2004-05 to 2008-09  would be as under:



After completing the updating exercise, the frame is sent to Central Statistical Organisation [CSO (IS Wing)] for selection of the units to be surveyed in accordance with the sampling design prescribed for the ASI. The list of selected units state-wise is then circulated to zonal offices of FOD which further circulate concerned lists to Regional offices of FOD.


The ASI frame for 2004-05 consisted of 197388 units registered under section 2m ( i ) and 2m ( ii )  of Factories Act, 1948. These units are divided into Operative and Non-Operative sets. The Operative units are taken up for survey in ASI. ASI frame 2006-07 comprises of  ASI frame 2005-06 and units registered during 2006-07.


The following classification of unit is adopted:


  1. “Open “  : Refers to those units which are found working.
  2. “Closed” : Refers to those units which are in existence but found closed for the reference year.
  3. “NOP”     :  Non operative units : Refers to those units which are found to be closed for the last 3 years.

The units under item 1 and 2 constitute the operative set, ie. The frame from which selection of units for the survey is to be made.




Some tables based on the registered factories included in the frame are derived as below:


( i )       State wise distribution  of units.

( ii )      Top 20 industries ( NIC 2004 ) in terms of units registered under 4 digit level

             NIC 2004 classification.

( iii )     Top 20 industries ( NIC 2004 ) in terms of workers  registered under 4 digit level

             NIC 2004 classification.

( iv )     State wise Distribution based on Worker Size Classification.

(v)        State wise Distribution of Units registered under Factories Act,1948 During 2005-06(As per Supplementary Frame)


Notices are issued by the SA to individual concerns and the field staff authorized by the SA collect and/or verify information from the concerns. The powers and duties of the persons engaged in ASI are as given under the COS Act. These include power to enter premises and obtain copy of any relevant document. They have to maintain secrecy and confidentiality as per the provisions of the Act.


Under the COS Act, the SA has the power to sanction prosecution of any defaulting unit under Sections 7 – 9 of the COS Act. SA may also sanction prosecution of anyone who has access to the information collected and misuses it in violation of any of the confidentiality and secrecy provisions under Section 10 of the Act.


The SA has also authorized officials of NSSO (FOD) and the Directorate of Economics & Statistics (DES) in 9 States of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Kerala, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal,  West Bengal , Maharashtra and Orissa to conduct ASI for the residual units ( i.e., those units in the frame not covered by NSSO). The data collected through ASI is subject to verification at various levels through field inspections and scrutiny of returns in NSSO (FOD) and CSO (IS wing) and DES.


The survey period of ASI 2006-07 extends from September 2007 to April 2008 with reference to the  financial year 2006-07. About 72000 units are to be surveyed under ASI during 2006-07  in accordance with the methodology and the formats for data collection finalised by the Standing Committee on Industrial Statistics (SCIS). The ASI return consists of two parts, viz., ASI Part- I & ASI Part-II. Part – I mainly covers information on capital, employment, emoluments, input and output. Part - II mainly covers data on working days, man-days worked, absenteeism and labour turnover.


ASI is a statutory survey and so the units/ entrepreneurs are to submit the return along with Balance Sheet with in one month after the receipt of notice failing which penalty provisions are attracted.


After the receipt of the filled-in return, the field staff verifies the same, to check for any discrepancies. If the unit is unable to fill up the details as asked for, they may contact the concerned field office of NSSO (FOD) as mentioned in the Notice for guidance.  In case any discrepancies are observed in the filled-in return, the field staff of FOD makes a visit to the concerned unit to verify the return. The units are to extend all cooperation to the person visiting with the purpose of verifying the return.


Information collected through ASI Part-I and ASI Part- II is then sent to the CSO and the Labour Bureau respectively for processing and publication of results. Central Statistical Organisation (CSO) brings out detailed reports after processing the data.  Labour Bureau also utilizes the information on labour and employment collected via this survey. The publications from Labour bureau can be accessed at .


Adequate details on the concepts and definitions and the manner in which the ASI return is to be filled up are given in the memorandum furnished along with the notice for guiding the concerns in filling up the return. The field staff engaged in ASI are also thoroughly trained in the methodology, concepts and definitions. In addition, the field staff make use of ASI manual which elaborates on the concepts and procedures for conduct of ASI.






The details of the records maintained in NSSO (FOD) are given below.



Form in which maintained

Retention Period

Whether available to public

Office where maintained

ASI Frame


5 years


FOD Hqrs (in respect of All India Level Frame)


Zonal Office (in respect of the states under its jurisdiction)


State Capital Regional offices (in respect of State Level Frame)


Other Regional offices (in respect of districts under their jurisdiction)

ASI Select list


1 year


FOD Hqrs (in respect of All India Level )


Zonal Office (in respect of the states under its jurisdiction)


State Capital Regional offices (in respect of State Level)


Other Regional offices (in respect of districts under their jurisdiction)

Office copies of ASI returns


3 years


Regional offices and sub regional offices in respect of districts under their jurisdiction




There is a technical committee consisting of experts called the Standing Committee on Industrial  Statistics (SCIS), reconstituted in October 2006 under the chairmanship of Prof B.N. Goldar to look into the technical issues and aspects relating to industrial statistics. The broad terms of reference of SCIS are:

a)                             Review the system existing in India for collection, compilation, tabulation and dissemination of Industrial Statistics in all its form and content with special reference to Annual Survey of Industries

b)                            Review of Statutory support for Industrial Statistics

c)                             Review the role of different organization in Govt. set up on Industrial Statistics


The meetings of this committee are not open to the public. However the agenda and the minutes of these meetings can be made available to the public on demand.





State level coordination committees (SLCCs) are constituted in most of the States for periodical review of the progress of ASI  besides resolving the operational problems, with the Secretary, Dept. of Industry as the Chairman and Labour Commissioner, CIF, Director of Industries etc., as members.


The ASI is conducted as a part of the non - plan activity of NSSO (FOD) and no separate funds are allocated for the purpose.