Production Reported as NIL Unusual (Extreme) Production

Production Reported as Nil

  • Radio Receiver: The production reported as ‘Nil’ for January’95 and Dec’99 - July 2000.
  • Photo-sensitised paper: Production reported as ‘Nil’ for Dec’ 94 and April, 2000. There have been unusual variations in the production figures of this item, leading to fluctuations in the index.

Unusual (Extreme) Production

  • Printing Machinery: The production, which has been ranging between Rs. 400-600 lakh has been reported unusually high for Dec’94 (Rs. 1,69,043 lakh).
  • Glazed/Ceramic Tiles: The production which has been ranging between 20-40 tonnes has been reported an unusually high, i.e. 83,001 Tonnes for Dec’97.
  • Finished Leather: The production which has been ranging between 3000 - 4500 Thousand pieces has been reported as unusually low, i.e. 1511 thousand pieces for Jan’98.
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