Women and Men in India 2019

Women and Men in India, 2019 Download

Foreword, Preface, Message, Team of Officer, Table of ContentsDownload




Table 1.1-1.12

Chapter-2 Health Statistics

Table 2.1-2.11

Table 2.12-2.22

Chapter-3 Education

Table 3.01-3.12

Table 3.13-3.24

Table 3.25-3.34

Chapter-4 Partcipation in Economy

Table 4.1-4.13

Table 4.14-4.26

Chapter-5 Partcipation in Decision Making

Table 5.1-5.10

Chapter-6 Impediments in Empowerment

Table 6.1-6.13

Chapter-7 Minimum set of gender indicators Download

Appendix-I Mapping of Minimum set of Gender Indicators recommended by Inter- Agency Expert Group on Gender Statistics (IAEG-GS) with Tables of Women and Men in India Download

Definitions and Explanations



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