About the Subordinate Statistical Service

Based on the recommendations of the fifth Central Pay Commission (CPC) and in consultation with the Department of Personal & Training, Department of Expenditure and various Ministries/Departments, Subordinate Statistical Service (SSS) was constituted vide this Ministry OM dated 30.1.3002 by grouping 3839 group B/C statistical function posts located in 40 Ministries/Departments/Organizations. The following structure of SSS was finalized in a Joint Secretary level meeting held on 13.12.2001 with the DOP&T and the Implementation Cell, Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance.

Grade                                              Pay scale                   

Statistical Investigator Grade I    Rs 7450-225-11500   

   Statistical Investigator Grade II   Rs 6500-200-10500   

Statistical Investigator Grade III  Rs 5500-175-9000                 

Statistical Investigator Grade IV Rs 5000-150-8000                 

While two grades viz.  Statistical Investigator Grade II & Statistical Investigator Grade IV, are functional grades, the remaining two grades are non-functional grades.

Following rules governing the SSS were notified in the official gazette on 12.2.2002.

Subordinate Statistical Service (Group B Gazetted) Rules, 2002

Subordinate Statistical Service (Group C Rules, 2002

Subsequent to notification of SSS rules on 12.2.2002, considering the changes reported by some of the participating Ministries/Departments in the number of posts included in the SSS due to various reasons and due to receipt of fresh offers of posts for inclusion in the SSS, SSS rules mentioned above were amended on 4.4.2003 to the extent of number of posts included in the service.

At present 40 Ministries/ Departments/ Organisation are participating in the SSS and the total number of posts included in the SSS now stands at 3894. In accordance with agreed structure of SSS, the revised grade-wise allocation of posts is as under.

Statistical Investigator Grade IV       - 2336                         

Statistical Investigator Grade III        -  30% of Gr IV                        

Statistical Investigator Grade II        - 1558             

Statistical Investigator Grade   I       - 30% of Gr II                             

The immediate task undertaken by the Cadre Controlling Authority of the SSS is to complete the initial constitution of the service as per rule 8 of the SSS rules. Through this exercise the willing and the deserving departmental candidates, presently holding those posts, which have been included in the SSS, on regular basis, would be absorbed and appointed in the appropriate grades of the service. As a prelude to undertaking this exercise, provisional integrated eligibility list of the incumbents was prepared and circulated to all the participating Ministries. The said integrated eligibility list has also been finalized and circulated after considering the comments received on the same. Besides, options from the incumbents regarding joining the SSS have been sought and. CR dossiers of the incumbents are also being procured from the concerned Ministries. The Selection Committee for examining the suitability of the existing departmental candidates for appointment and absorption in SSS has been constituted. The Selection Committee recommended the absorption & appointments of incumbents in respective four grades of SSS and based on these recommendations SSS cadre issued four orders on 1.04.2004 for the absorption & appointments of incumbents in respective grades.

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