State Assistance

State Assistance Programme of DPD

Different States and Union Territories also participate in the socio-economic surveys conducted by NSSO; at least on an equal matching sample basis. The sample first stage units (FSUs) that are covered by the state agencies (BAE&S, SSB, DES, etc.) are also selected by DPD following the same sampling procedure used for selection of samples covered by NSSO. The samples covered by state agencies are called ‘State Samples’.

DPD conducts Data Processing Training Workshop for officials of the state agencies after a few months of launching of the survey in the field, where processing instruments including System Design for NSS data processing and use of data-entry, verification and validation software used for central-sample data processing are explained to the participants in details. A CD containing data-entry and verification package, data layout and validation software is supplied to each of the participating States/ UTs.

The main purpose of this workshop is to share the data processing instruments including the software used for central sample among the States so that they also follow similar validation techniques to maintain the minimum level of data quality and use the common data format. In other words, this will make the State sample data poolable with that of Central sample data. The tabulation software, used for central sample data, can easily be used for table generation from the pooled data without putting any extra effort, if both the data sets have common layout. Participants from many states regularly participate in this type of workshop. Special hands-on training workshops are arranged by DPD for the North Eastern (NE) states taking into account their specific requirement in the area of data processing.

Tabulation Workshops for different NSS Rounds are organized by DPD for the States. Tabulation Workshop for NSS 73rd Round at New Delhi on May, 2018 wherein several states had participated in a hands-on training for table generation using software developed by DPD. Methodologies of pooling Central and State sample data to generate district level estimates along with poolability tests are explained in details in the pooling workshop of NSS 72nd Round and NSS 73rd Round at Kolkata in September, 2018 and March,2019 respectively. The requisite software for pooling with all relevant documents have been given to the States and the software developed in-house by DPD was demonstrated in these workshops. DPD has prepared a Manual on Pooling Central and State sample data giving the methodological details of pooling along with other relevant material, pooled results of seven states (NSS 66th round, Schedule 1.0, Consumer Expenditure), pooling and poolability software and unit level state and central sample data of two states and the same has been uploaded in the website of the Ministry for the benefit of the users.

As per the COCSSO resolution, validated unit-level data of central-samples are shared with all the States/ UTs for pooling purposes. This is done soon after the unit-level data is disseminated into public domain.

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