Status of Current Activities

Status of major ongoing activities of DPD (as on 01.01.2015) is as under:-

NSS Round Subject Period Status
70th Round Land and Livestock Holdings,Debt and Investment, Situation Assessment survey of agricultural households January 2013-December 2013 Unit level data has already been disseminated.
71st Round Social Consumption:Health and Education January 2014 - June 2014 Data Validation is in progress
72nd Round Domestic Tourism Expenditure, Household Expenditure on Services and Durable Goods, Household Consumer Expenditure, Household Consumer Expenditure with details of Food Consumption, Household Consumer Expenditure with details of Non-Food Consumption July 2014-June 2015 Data Entry is in progress
Other Works
Urban Frame Survey Schedule C and Schedule A of the Urban Frame Survey (UFS) is processed for the preparation of sampling frame for conducting socio-economic survey in urban areas. Present frame consists of 6,09,800 urban blocks located in 7583 towns in India for which field work of UFS of 2007-12 Phase was conducted. 2007-12 Information received from FOD in respect of newly created towns have been updated and included in sample frame.
Prices and Wages in Rural India Price Data from 603 village markets of 24 states and daily wage rates of 25 occupations divided into two groups viz. ‘Agricultural and Non-agricultural occupations’ Quarterly Publication Quarterly bulletin up to the quarter April-June 2014 has been published. Quarterly bulletins for the quarters July-September 2014 and October-December 2014 are likely to be published by March 2015.
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